From crop health to cancer detection: quantum biophotonics


A three-year, $10.8 million investment by the Texas A&M University System is set to provide a major boost to multidisciplinary quantum biophotonics research across the Texas A&M University campus.

Biophotonics combines biology and photonics, which is the study of quantum units of light called photons. Researchers will draw on sophisticated laser technology developed by the Texas A&M Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering (IQSE) and apply it to an eclectic range of research, from human and crop health to anthrax and cancer detection.

“Our group is world-renowned,” said IQSE director and Texas A&M quantum physicist Marlan Scully. “But we don’t yet have world-class facilities. We’re coming along nicely, but we really needed a shot in the arm, and Chancellor John Sharp has given us that. We’re going to be bringing in world-renowned scientists and connecting them with these global problems.”

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