One Health: Rapid detection and mitigation of disease outbreaks

Imagine a world where outbreaks of diseases are quickly detected and diagnosed in humans, animals and plants, and where countermeasures such as therapeutics and vaccines are rapidly developed and deployed – all at a low cost.

That’s the vision of a major, multi-disciplinary research initiative led by Dr. Arum Han, a biomedical engineer at Texas A&M University. The project is one of the four university-wide initiatives selected for the One Health Grand Challenge.

The initiative, which is titled “Miniature Tissues and Organs for Detection and Prevention of Diseases,” focuses on developing next-generation biologics at the microscopic scale.

“I believe that multidisciplinary collaboration is key in addressing challenges in this new One Health paradigm,” said Han, “and I hope that engineering technologies can make significant contributions towards solving these grand challenges of societal importance.”

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