Vice President For Research To Participate In D.C. Roundtable

Texas A&M’s Vice President for Research Mark A. Barteau will participate in the 2018 University Senior Research Officer Roundtable: The Economic Impact of Fundamental Scientific Research on Wednesday, July 18, in Washington, D.C.

The Roundtable, sponsored by the Science Coalition and the Association of American Universities (AAU), will be available via livestream from 1-2:30 p.m. ET, on the Science Coalition and AAU’s Facebook pages. Senior research officers from 10 universities around the country will discuss the economic impacts of fundamental research done on university campuses—federal investments in scientific research and higher education, the economic impact of partnering with private industry to develop university discoveries into commercial products and processes and the effect of federal regulations and reporting requirements on university research.

“With the government’s strategic support of research initiatives at universities, we will continue to generate new discoveries and technologies that will impact the nation’s prosperity and security,” says Barteau. “These investments are the fuel for the American economy and the very essence of American competitiveness.”

Barteau noted that federal scientific research funding has consistently paid enormous dividends. The return on investment from federal support for scientific research benefits our health, security and economy.

Watch the roundtable video on the Science Coalition’s Facebook page.

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