Center for Technology-Mediated Learning in Mathematics

Center for Technology-Mediated Learning in Mathematics

Focuses on educational methods for using technology effectively in the classroom; conducts scientifically based research on technology efficacy; and disseminates instructional materials, best teaching practices, and modern methodologies for using technology to teach mathematics. The center is an integral part of the mathematics department’s efforts to enhance mathematics understanding in an increasingly competitive worldwide environment.

What we do

Undergraduate mathematics support w/technology
K-12 outreach for teacher professional development
Research on P-16 student learning and teacher professional

What we have done

Mathematics instructional coaches and teacher quality grants
Gas and oil applications lessons
Online precalculus instruction
Outreach – STEM nights; judge science fairs; Saturday activities
Research – undergraduate (20) teacher professional development (5)

Upcoming Initiatives

Online professional development series
Continued grant programs and continued research

College of Science
Contact: Donald Allen
Phone: 979.845.7950