Crisman Institute for Petroleum Research

Crisman Institute for Petroleum Research

To produce significant advances in upstream petroleum engineering technology through the combined efforts of faculty, post-doctoral researchers, and highly qualified graduate students, in close cooperation with industry.

The Crisman Institute for Petroleum Research identifies and solves significant research problems of major interest to industry and government. Industry and government representatives can help identify problems of major significance and support projects of particular interest to them through membership. Additionally, membership provides seed money for identification and initiation of research into additional problems facing the industry. The Institute conducts its efforts in four research centers: the Halliburton Center for Unconventional Resources; the Chevron Center for Well Construction and Production; the Schlumberger Center for Reservoir Description and Dynamics; and the Center for Energy, Environment, and Transportation Innovation. Additionally the Berg-Hughes Center partners with the Institute.

College of Engineering
Contact: Jeff Spath
Phone: 979.845.2278