Texas A&M Institute for Genomic Medicine

Texas A&M Institute for Genomic Medicine

Facilitates breakthroughs in science and medicine and accelerates the pace of medical discoveries through internal research and provides resources, training, and services to the scientific community at Texas A&M, the state of Texas, and the world.

The Texas A&M Institute for Genomic Medicine (TIGM) is an essential resource for researchers to obtain transgenic services. Since 2006, TIGM has delivered more than 800 mouse and cell orders to more than 270 academic and commercial institutions in over 26 countries. TIGM provides transgenic core services to researchers within and outside The Texas A&M University System including blastocyst or pronuclear injections (including CRISPR/Cas9); rederivation; embryo transfer; design and production of vectors for custom knockout (stable and Cre-ready conditional) and knock in projects; and various aspects of ES cell manipulations and embryo and sperm cryopreservation.

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