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E-government transparency: How well do websites serve citizens?

Larger cities in Texas earn highest scores; small communities post lowest scores

Elephants can predict rainstorms days in advance, GPS data suggest

This insight could help conservationists to better protect endangered herds from poachers

Kids who witness violence at home are at risk to continue cycle as adults

Research at Texas A&M Health Science Center will expand resources and better prepare professionals

Policies, economics and social norms contribute to antibiotic resistance

Researchers at Texas A&M study social psychology of how, when and why veterinarians administer antibiotic drugs

The fruit fly’s guide to courtship: How the ‘bad boys’ beat the competition

What makes a male fruit fly successful with females? It’s a matter of experience, new research at Texas A&M suggests

12th Man of human health: Tapping into the secrets of our microbiota

Researchers at Texas A&M are studying the compounds produced by gut bacteria to develop new therapeutic compounds

High-fat diet disrupts ‘body clock,’ leading to obesity and diabetes

Interdisciplinary researchers at Texas A&M publish their findings in the Journal of Biological Chemistry

Early baseball: No strikes, few rules and you could hit in any direction

Texas A&M historian spent six years researching and writing SABR Award-winning book
Psychological and Brain Sciences

Who places blame for reckless acts? Often it’s Lady Luck, not Lady Justice

Research team in Department of Psychology takes a scientific look at ‘moral luck’