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Human Development

For a song: Background music makes ads more effective, study says

Music improves attention, heightens emotions and improves persuasion
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Oral exams: How much electricity do our mouths need to work correctly?

New study provides vital answers to develop implants that restore swallowing and other essential functions

Crushing it: Digital exhibit explores history of mechanochemistry

A&M’s Center for the Mechanical Control of Chemistry teams up with Philadelphia-based Science History Institute to produce show
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Shifting costs: Rate plan would target consumers who strain power grid

Researchers publish findings in journal Utilities Policy
Civil engineering

Does roadway design encourage drivers to use their phones?

Wide medians, multiple lanes, traffic flow and other factors may trigger distracted driving, A&M study suggests
Biomedical Engineering

Innovations in gut research could help veterans with Gulf War Illness

Bioengineered solutions could provide patient-specific treatments
Homeland Security

Sniff test: Detecting contraband without opening containers

Trained dogs will hunt for smuggling with minimal disruption to port operations

Stranded motorists: Study finds links between injuries, deaths and risks

A&M researchers work to fill gaps in available data
Animal Models

Answer to aging? Common drug for treating diabetes may offer hope

A&M researchers publish study results in journal Aging Cell