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Translational Medical Sciences

Can the power of caffeine ward off diseases from cancer to COVID-19?

A&M researchers create new antibody-like molecules that can control human biological processes

Walks in the wilderness can benefit emotional and physical health

Contact with nature is becoming more important during COVID-19 pandemic, researcher says
Data Science

Wildfire risk: Using statistical models to identify cost-effective strategies

Federally funded, interdisciplinary research project puts emphasis on vegetation removal or fuel treatment

Insect songs are ‘complex acts of communication,’ entomologist says

Sounds created by crickets, katydids, grasshoppers have evolved over 350 million years
Aerospace Engineering

Averting disaster: Model can identify best locations for aircraft sensors

National Science Foundation provides funding for research published in IEEE’s Control System Letters
Ocean Engineering

Hybrid coastal structures combine benefits of dunes, artificial barriers

Researchers aim to outline the physical properties that provide the best defense against storm surges
Atmospheric Sciences

Ultrafine particles in auto emissions enter lungs, harm other organs

New study links health problems to air quality in urban areas of the world
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Computational models could make upper-limb prosthetics easier to use

A&M engineers focus on prosthetics that use an electromyography-based human-machine interface

What killed the colorful coral reefs in this Gulf of Mexico sanctuary?

Two separate processes led to the die-off, A&M oceanographers say