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Cotton producers can gain maximum use of limited water using irrigation methods, says new modeling study

AgriLife Research scientists publish results in the journal Agricultural Water Management

How does Lyme disease wreak havoc on humans? Interdisciplinary team of Texas A&M scientists looks for answers

Researchers publish findings in the Journal of Immunology
Mechanical Engineering

Storing thermal energy: Breakthrough should simplify design process for optimizing systems

Texas A&M engineers published findings in the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

End of the bee-mergency? Despite blizzard and drought, populations are poised for recovery, entomologists say

Sufficient rain and mild weather indicate an upturn in late spring or early summer

The power of crypto: How does mining for currency affect the US power grid and the nation’s energy consumption?

In a new study, Texas A&M engineers identify flexibilities during hours of peak energy usage

High anxiety: Climate scientist explains increase in passenger flights that experience clear-air turbulence

Greenhouse gases help to distort Earth’s lower atmosphere; air travelers may expect higher ticket prices as airlines respond
Mechanical Engineering

New model identifies and measures brain waves in real time, could improve human-machine interactions

Researchers discover that everyone’s ‘brain wave is like a fingerprint’

What causes locusts to destroy crops? USDA-approved facility studies the insects’ Jekyll-to-Hyde transformation

Most recent outbreak caused $1.3 billion in damage across 23 countries from Ethiopia to Nepal
Biomedical Sciences

BET inhibitors could break link between colorectal cancer and COVID-19, new Texas A&M study says

Researchers publish findings in the journal Precision Oncology