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Before conception: Father’s use of alcohol can contribute to brain and facial defects in offspring

Researchers publish findings in the Journal of Clinical Investigation
Biomedical Sciences

Alcohol use among men may interfere with success of in vitro fertilization, new Texas A&M study indicates

Team publishes results in the journal Molecular Human Reproduction
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Ultrafine particles: Genetic response can influence prenatal health

A&M scientists collaborate with team from the University of Florida
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Pregnancy in the city: Air pollution can alter gene expression in placenta

Exposure may cause preeclampsia, low birth weight and other conditions, study finds
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Gulf War Illness: Exercise may improve symptoms, study says

Symptoms include lower cognitive function, memory issues, chronic pain and fatigue
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Colon cancer: Eating your spinach can make you ‘strong to the finach’

A Popeye diet may significantly reduce the formation of tumors, new study says
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Brain cancer: Immunotherapy drug can reduce size of tumors, study says

A&M and Northwestern collaborate with private company for 10-month clinical trial
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Answer to aging? Common drug for treating diabetes may offer hope

A&M researchers publish study results in journal Aging Cell
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A&M-UTMB team identifies potential drug to treat SARS-CoV-2

In a newly published study, researchers call for clinical trials on an FDA-approved heart medication