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Lesson in liquidity: It’s well worth the cost to take arsenic and other toxins out of the public’s water supply, a new A&M study demonstrates

International project receives support from A&M’s CONACYT program

Replacing wheels with legs may help rovers to navigate ice, sand and other surfaces more easily on Mars and other planets

NASA invests $3 million in three-year A&M-USC project

How do Io’s dunes move without wind? New model explains mystery

Study could provide insights about dunes on distant planets

A&M faculty will serve as co-leaders for two South Atlantic expeditions

Scientists say research will expand our understanding of Earth’s interconnected system

State of safety: Quakes are common in west Texas, but rarely destructive

Geoscientists note an uptick in seismic activity in the state’s oil country

Building on Mars: New method creates materials from available soils

Texas A&M chemist leads collaborative NASA-funded project for extraterrestrial construction

Life on Mars? A&M researchers take part in rover’s search for indications

Mission should advance NASA’s understanding of the Red Planet’s long-past habitability for microbial organisms

AAAS names seven A&M System faculty members as 2020 Fellows

The American Association for the Advancement of Science will induct 489 scientists, engineers and innovators in February 2021

Study looks at effects of groundwater on agriculture in Texas drylands

Researchers seek better understanding of links between water supplies, soil health and crop health