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Materials Science and Engineering


Tag, you’re it! New process detects counterfeit parts by replacing barcodes and QR codes with hidden identifiers

A&M material scientists and engineers publish their research in the journal Additive

Just add salt: Engineers and chemists create 3D-printed polymers that degrade more quickly

A&M-led team publishes results in the journal Angewandte Chemie
Materials Science and Engineering

Engineers discover a powerful yet flexible alloy that can form tiny, complex structures through 3D printing

Research team from Texas A&M, Georgia Tech and UMass Amherst publishes results in Nature.
Computer Engineering

Brain-like machines will make smart grids smarter and self-driving cars safer—while saving energy and calculating at higher speeds

Texas A&M will lead Energy Frontier Research Center funded by the U.S. Department of Energy
Materials Science and Engineering

Engineers apply artificial intelligence to find new shape memory alloy

Framework boosts efficiency of experimentation process

Hagler Institute for Advanced Study announces 10th class of fellows

Internationally renowned scholars, including a Nobel Prize laureate, will collaborate with faculty and students to generate cutting-edge research that benefits the world
Materials Science and Engineering

Faster forecasting: How will materials respond to extreme temperatures?

Results may help create futuristic designs for gas turbines in jet engines and electrical power generators
Materials Science and Engineering

New material can mimic pattern of electrical activity found at synapse

The secret? Adding small quantities of the element boron to vanadium dioxide, A&M scientists say

Replacing aluminum with magnesium may create lighter, stronger vehicles

Change could improve gas efficiency and lower carbon footprints for consumers—if research team can overcome obstacles