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Materials Science and Engineering


A&M engineers looking for ways to enhance titanium components through 3D printing

Collaborators will study effects of sintering on Fused Filament Fabrication
Biomedical Engineering

Nanoengineered hydrogels used to develop 3D-printed electronic skin  

Researchers develop a wearable ‘E-skin’ by 3D-printing with electronic and biosensing hydrogels
Materials Science and Engineering

Ant behavior inspires autonomous material assembly research

Researchers utilized shape-changing polymer ribbons that can self-assemble, change their volume, and dissemble as needed
Materials Science and Engineering

Metals show self-healing properties

Recent research and the 2013 models have same metal healing observations
Materials Science and Engineering

New method can grow single crystals and control their orientation without expensive melt-processing technique

A&M researchers publish their results in the journal Acta Materialia.

Tag, you’re it! New process detects counterfeit parts by replacing barcodes and QR codes with hidden identifiers

A&M material scientists and engineers publish their research in the journal Additive

Just add salt: Engineers and chemists create 3D-printed polymers that degrade more quickly

A&M-led team publishes results in the journal Angewandte Chemie
Materials Science and Engineering

Engineers discover a powerful yet flexible alloy that can form tiny, complex structures through 3D printing

Research team from Texas A&M, Georgia Tech and UMass Amherst publishes results in Nature.
Computer Engineering

Brain-like machines will make smart grids smarter and self-driving cars safer—while saving energy and calculating at higher speeds

Texas A&M will lead Energy Frontier Research Center funded by the U.S. Department of Energy