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How does Lyme disease wreak havoc on humans? Interdisciplinary team of Texas A&M scientists looks for answers

Researchers publish findings in the Journal of Immunology
Biomedical Sciences

Angelman syndrome: Scientists prepare to shift first molecular therapeutic into clinical development

Texas A&M team publishes findings in Science Translational Medicine

Cleaning up ‘forever chemicals’: Plant-based material can eat PFAs

Researches publish findings from federally funded project in Nature Communications
Animal Science

Feeding fish: Scientists improve nutritional strategies for farmed bass

USDA provides $1.15 million in federal funding to support research

Resisting pests: Modern corn gets boost from ancestor’s microbes

Multidisciplinary team aims to create an insect-control method that is also environmentally friendly

The real macaws: New method matches chicks with foster parents

Technique overcomes 80 percent mortality rate for second chicks among scarlet macaws

‘Hairy roots’: Method creates supply of ‘unculturable’ pathogens for labs

Texas A&M AgriLife researchers publish results in Nature Communications

‘Disease triangle’ indicates world is far from end of COVID-19 pandemic

Humans can learn a lot from plant pathology, A&M virologist says

Bovine respiratory disease: Team will study practices in beef production

Researchers from three universities will conduct four-year project with funding from the USDA-NIFA