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The great “unwinding” of Medicaid

Research explores various Medicaid policy changes and what they mean for future policy research and practice.

Lesson in liquidity: It’s well worth the cost to take arsenic and other toxins out of the public’s water supply, a new A&M study demonstrates

International project receives support from A&M’s CONACYT program

How do seniors cope with pandemic? Team surveys articles to find answers

Findings appear as editorial in Frontiers in Public Health and Frontiers in Medicine

New opportunity for farmers? Capture carbon and sell credits

Government policies and market demand are creating chances to profit from climate-friendly practices
Liberal Arts

Café Connections: Research tailors programs to feed today’s seniors

Public Policy Research Institute works with professionals to improve nutrition and socialization programs

A global call for net zero emissions

International alliance of top universities, including Texas A&M, urges G20 leaders to implement measures to counteract climate change

Seven reasons why COVID-19 harms African Americans disproportionately

‘While this appears to be alarming, it is, in fact, not surprising,’ A&M professor says

Distance learning: How well are teachers and students coping?

A policy expert explains how COVID-19 is bringing changes to primary and secondary education

Medical marijuana laws: New study looks at effects of dispensaries

A&M researchers publish results in the journal Forum for Health Economics & Policy