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Replacing wheels with legs may help rovers to navigate ice, sand and other surfaces more easily on Mars and other planets

NASA invests $3 million in three-year A&M-USC project

Astronomers celebrate first images from James Webb Space Telescope

NASA issues collection of full-color images and spectroscopic data from $10 billion telescope

How do Io’s dunes move without wind? New model explains mystery

Study could provide insights about dunes on distant planets

Building on Mars: New method creates materials from available soils

Texas A&M chemist leads collaborative NASA-funded project for extraterrestrial construction
Aerospace Engineering

From sea to space and back again: Offshore platforms for rocket travel

Ocean offers safety and convenience for professionals and spectators, A&M engineers say

Life on Mars? A&M researchers take part in rover’s search for indications

Mission should advance NASA’s understanding of the Red Planet’s long-past habitability for microbial organisms
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Eyes in the skies: Long space flights pose risks to astronauts’ vision

College of Medicine researchers team up with NASA to find solutions
Aerospace Engineering

Sailing to the stars: System would use beams to propel spacecraft

Texas A&M-led project receives funding from NASA
Aerospace Engineering

NASA invests in thermal technology to get ready for new lunar missions

A&M aerospace engineers collaborate with Boeing and Paragon