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Four highly acclaimed scholars and researchers join engineering faculty


Image: Wikimedia Commons

A $100 million fund at The Texas A&M University System known as the Chancellor’s Research Initiative (CRI) is credited for successfully attracting four world renowned scholars and researchers to elevate the engineering research portfolio:

* Christodoulos A. Floudas, professor of engineering and applied science, Princeton University.

* E.N. Pistikopoulos, professor of chemical engineering, Imperial College of London.

* Alan Needleman, professor of materials science and engineering in the College of Engineering, University of North Texas.

* Peter M. Rentzepis, professor of electrical engineering and computer science, University of California at Irvine.

“These are superstars in the academic community in engineering research, respected by their peers as members of the prestigious national academies, and the caliber of scholar that every university aggressively courts,” said Chancellor John Sharp. “The CRI seeks to find outstanding researchers who can not only produce amazing work, but also bring in some much needed funding to support that work.”

Leveraging vast experience in developing and implementing large, multi-investigator, federally funded programs, each brings strength in key areas: Floudas and Pistikopoulos in process control and optimization, Needleman in computational materials, and Rentzepis in ultrafast spectroscopy and X-ray lasers.