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Materials Science and Engineering

New material can mimic pattern of electrical activity found at synapse

The secret? Adding small quantities of the element boron to vanadium dioxide, A&M scientists say

Jobsite safety: Virtual reality could train workers to avoid dangers

Team of researchers aims to use VR to establish a behavior-focused, data-driven training model
Animal Models

Face masks protect lungs from airborne coronavirus, scientist says

A&M researcher submits policy paper with colleagues, including Nobel Prize chemist
Biomedical Sciences

Fathering a child? Don’t drink

Doctors routinely warn prospective mothers to avoid drinking alcohol, but what about prospective fathers?
Liberal Arts

Save the spinal cord

A&M researchers are looking for ways to better protect the spinal cord following a traumatic injury

A&M entomologists create new tools to fight disease-carrying mosquitos

Aedes aegypti spread viruses that cause yellow fever, Zika fever, dengue fever and chikungunya
Homeland Security

Researchers test seismic resiliency using world’s largest shake table

International collaboration is part of a National Science Foundation project

Fortified ‘high tunnel’ structures withstand ‘bomb cyclone’ winds

Designed to protect growing plants, these systems have withstood recorded wind gusts of 80-90 mph

New global rule may reveal revenues multinationals protect from taxation

Professor Lorraine Eden at the Mays Business School explains how Country-by-Country Reporting could revolutionize the world’s tax system