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Researchers use drones to gather ‘actionable intelligence’ for farmers

Images should provide producers with useful data about crop disease, water stress, potential yields and animal health

Who cooks dinner for astronauts? The Space Food Research Facility

Facility prepares more than fifty menu items for the US space program, including this year’s Thanksgiving dinner

How do plants ward off pathogens? USDA-funded study seeks answers

An improved understanding could lead to plants that are more disease-resistant, researchers say

Seeking new countermeasures for insects that devastate potato crops

Entomologist tests colonies of potato psyllids for resistance to range of insecticides

How can ranchers control spread of juniper plants? Use super goats

AgriLife Research plans to auction off ten of its proven Super Juniper Eating Goats during April event

VIDEO: What does it take to find dark matter? Knowledge, skill and much patience

A research team led by physicist Rupak Mahapatra is designing and building sensors to capture proof that could support theory

Nuclear forensics: New method traces plutonium to original source

Reactors leave distinct, individual ‘fingerprints’ on weapons-grade materials they produce, A&M scientists say

Improving concrete can extend service of nation’s infrastructure

Texas A&M researcher is working to create building materials that are more durable over time

Improved tomatoes and spinach could revive South Texas production

AgriLife Research is working to develop varieties that are tastier as well as hardier for farmers to grow in the Rio Grande Valley