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Bad news for the ‘deadliest animal on the planet’: Making mosquitos vulnerable to viruses that infect humans

A&M entomologist discusses potential impact on society
Health Policy and Management

‘Best of two worlds’: Ethical model for artificial intelligence combines flexibility with enforcement

Researchers say CAITE could curb misuse while encouraging advancements
Aerospace Engineering

Introducing … smell-evision? Adding scents to virtual reality could help astronauts cope with isolation during long missions

A description of the NASA-supported study appears in the journal Acta Astronautica

Farming the cosmos: NASA-funded study investigates effects of space radiation on plants during interplanetary travel

Texas A&M-led team will focus on oxidation status, telomere length dynamics and genome stability

Tag, you’re it! New process detects counterfeit parts by replacing barcodes and QR codes with hidden identifiers

A&M material scientists and engineers publish their research in the journal Additive

Pioneering research seeks a connection between leakiness in the gut and cognitive impairment in stroke patients

A&M team publishes findings in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity
Homeland Security

Natural defenses: Ecosystems can inspire ideas for protecting power grids from disaster or attack

Interdisciplinary team publishes findings in the journal IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
Materials Science and Engineering

Engineers discover a powerful yet flexible alloy that can form tiny, complex structures through 3D printing

Research team from Texas A&M, Georgia Tech and UMass Amherst publishes results in Nature.
Computer Engineering

Brain-like machines will make smart grids smarter and self-driving cars safer—while saving energy and calculating at higher speeds

Texas A&M will lead Energy Frontier Research Center funded by the U.S. Department of Energy