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Materials Science and Engineering

Engineers discover a powerful yet flexible alloy that can form tiny, complex structures through 3D printing

Research team from Texas A&M, Georgia Tech and UMass Amherst publishes results in Nature.
Computer Engineering

Brain-like machines will make smart grids smarter and self-driving cars safer—while saving energy and calculating at higher speeds

Texas A&M will lead Energy Frontier Research Center funded by the U.S. Department of Energy
Homeland Security

Software can sort illicit materials from mixed nuclear samples, study says

Process can identify three attributes of the sample’s history for investigators

The thin smart line: Study answers riddle of how neocortex develops

A&M researchers publish their findings in the journal Cell Reports
Atmospheric Sciences

Atmospheric data from India’s COVID-19 lockdown reveals how black carbon affects climate

International team of scientists publishes findings in Nature Communications
Environmental and Occupational Health

Of food and mood: What you eat could affect who you are, study says

Researchers publish findings in journal Nutrients
Chemical Engineering

Colonizing the stomach: How do cancer-causing bacteria navigate?

Engineers use optical traps to slow down germs and study their movements
Atmospheric Sciences

How do aerosols help or hinder formation of clouds and storms?

A&M, Purdue and North Carolina take part in federally funded project
Animal Models

Gulf War Illness: Exercise may improve symptoms, study says

Symptoms include lower cognitive function, memory issues, chronic pain and fatigue