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Late-season surge: Sea temperatures can influence nearly identical storms

A&M oceanographer uses a decade of data to produce new study

Swarms of robots could produce better, cheaper food—and more of it

USDA’s robotics program provides funding for multidisciplinary project

Does football spread coronavirus? New study finds zero evidence

A&M researchers study 109,762 interactions during 64 SEC regular season games

Fever testing: Wearable device could make process faster and cheaper

Technology could help to minimize the spread of disease during pandemics, engineers say

Think global, farm local: High tech could raise crops closer to home

Automation, artificial intelligence and robotics are changing the future of urban agriculture
Atmospheric Sciences

15-year forecast: urban flooding, scorching heat, intense droughts

A&M researchers project weather trends to 2036, Texas’ bicentennial year
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Greenhouse effect: Car exhaust could provide water and CO2 to grow food

Idea could reduce carbon footprint while feeding more people, white paper says
Mechanical Engineering

Military issue: Nanocoatings offer protection from fire, ultraviolet light

Water-based, nontoxic solution can add properties without altering the structure of common textiles
Biomedical Engineering

New bioink allows engineers to print better 3D models of blood vessels

Breakthrough could improve precision of cardiovascular drugs