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Veterinary Medicine

Wild side of domestic rabbits: What are the genetic keys to going feral?

Study published in Nature Ecology and Evolution reveals wild DNA enables survival in natural environments.

Toxic paints from cruise ships endanger marine life, new research reveals

Texas A&M study urges cruise industry to adopt eco-friendly paints to protect coral reefs and aquatic species.
Engineering Medicine

EnMed to enhance innovative research with $15 million expansion

Project is expected to boost innovative capacity and attract top-tier faculty

Peeking into the microcosmos: Team uses cryo-EM to study cells at near-atomic levels

High-resolution microscope creates an opportunity for molecular research on structural biology, disease and cancer.
Cell Biology and Genetics

Scientists discover key role of glycoproteins in cell mechanics

Interdisciplinary team publishes findings in Nature Communications
Ecology and Conservation Biology

Seafloor’s secret engineers: How burrowing critters sustain healthy oceans

Texas A&M leads international study published in Current Biology

Forever chemicals: Examining biological treatment to improve pollution management

Texas A&M AgriLife researchers publish findings in the journal Bioresource Technolgy.
Biomedical Engineering

Off-the-shelf grafts could make vascular surgery more simple

New technology eliminates the need to remove a vessel from the patient.

Fighting deepfakes with smartwatches

Researchers take a step closer in creating software that could stop voice control mischief in manufacturing settings.