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Revolutionizing produce protection

Modified food grade wax used to enhance protective layer on produce
Health Behavior

Senior Americans are hesitant to get RSV vaccination, new study suggests  

Texas A&M Researcher publishes findings in Health Affair Scholar

Astronomers find thermonuclear supernova is new source of dust in early universe

Natural Astronomy has published an article on cosmic dust featuring Texas A&M.

Bioenergy sorghum wax could generate extra revenue for producers

Scientists at Texas A&M AgriLife Research believe the wax could be sold by producers as biofuel.
Health Behavior

Most U.S. adults support school-based reproductive health care, survey says

Researchers analyze levels of support for seven services
Health Policy and Management

More access to contraception improves mothers’ mental health, new study suggests

Texas A&M team publishes findings in Health Services Research

Crop scientists are first to grow chickpeas in simulated ‘moondust’

Texas A&M graduate student grows chickpeas in amended moondust

Breeding disease-resistant spinach to improve crop performance

Project supported by a $1.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture

New mobile app would treat dementia in Chinese and Korean Americans

Project received two-year grant from Korean foundation