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Nautical Archaeology

Buried for centuries: Archaeologists may have discovered Bronze Age harbor mentioned in Old Testament

Core samples contribute to findings published in the International Journal of Nautical Archaeology
Health Policy and Management

‘Best of two worlds’: Ethical model for artificial intelligence combines flexibility with enforcement

Researchers say CAITE could curb misuse while encouraging advancements
Conservation Research

Detect and devalue: Nuclear engineers work on plan to thwart poaching of rhinoceros horns

Inserting safe levels of radioisotopes could make smuggling difficult
Health Policy and Management

Cost of living: Patients with cirrhosis plus liver cancer are bearing unusually high financial burdens

A&M team publishes study in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Colonizing Korea: Historian investigates role of physicians in Japanese empire’s plan to assimilate nearby nation

National Endowment for the Humanities provides funding to complete manuscript
Aerospace Engineering

Introducing … smell-evision? Adding scents to virtual reality could help astronauts cope with isolation during long missions

A description of the NASA-supported study appears in the journal Acta Astronautica

Diet may contribute to development of Alzheimer’s disease, according to new NIH-funded study

Texas A&M researchers publish findings in FEBS Journal

Of pets and pathogens: A&M team contributes to first national-data analysis of COVID-19 infections in companion animals

Nine researchers participate in CDC-led study
Environmental Engineering

Heat vs. H2O: Federal grant allows A&M researchers to study how wildfires can alter national supply of drinking water

Runoff of pyrogenic organic matter can harm quality of pristine water sources