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Forever chemicals: Examining biological treatment to improve pollution management

Texas A&M AgriLife researchers publish findings in the journal Bioresource Technolgy.
Biomedical Engineering

Off-the-shelf grafts could make vascular surgery more simple

New technology eliminates the need to remove a vessel from the patient.

Fighting deepfakes with smartwatches

Researchers take a step closer in creating software that could stop voice control mischief in manufacturing settings.
Public Health

First-ever study asks: How do freestanding emergency departments compare with hospital units?

Almost 24% of emergency patients go to independent clinics
Aerospace Engineering

From fiery to frigid: Adaptable radiator will combat moon’s extreme temperatures

Aerospace engineer collaborates with NASA to advance lunar exploration

Researchers harness phages to combat drug-resistant bacteria with novel treatment methods 

Texas A&M researchers publish findings in the journals Science and Nature Communications.

Monday’s solar eclipse In Aggieland: What to expect and why it matters

For the first time in 146 years, Texans have the chance to experience a total solar eclipse.
Biomedical Sciences

Hagler Fellow to study connection between pig reproduction, cancer resistance

Research could lead to new treatments for humans and animals.
Chemical Engineering

Engineers apply quantum mechanics to enhance performance of lithium-metal batteries

The journal Nature Energy publishes results of A&M research.