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Deep-learning model predicts mRNA degradation to improve stability in thermally sensitive vaccines

A&M engineers publish findings in the journal Briefings in Bioinformatics
Health Behavior

When players become friends: Texas A&M study examines social structure of online gaming

Researchers analyze how social support, sense of community and symptoms of depression affect connections over time
Life Sciences

Can coffee prevent cancer? Research suggests java may offer benefits also found in vegetable-rich diets

NIH publishes review paper from team of Texas A&M scientists

Strangers in a strange land: Can ‘reinforcement learning’ teach robots to operate on their own in the real world?

A&M engineer is working close the simulation-to-reality gap by studying the robustness, safety and adaptivity of the algorithms.

What’s causing the Atlantic’s sargassum belt to grow out of control? A&M researcher discovers nutrient imbalance

Ten million tons of seaweed threatens marine life, public health and tourism economies along East Coast
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Building with biomass: Engineers aim to use fungi, algae, bacteria and other living matter in 3D printing

Interdisciplinary team includes researchers from Texas A&M, Caltech and USC
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Something in the air: How do HVAC systems and building designs influence the spread of human pathogens?

National Institutes of Health provide funding for Texas A&M study of healthcare facilities

Before conception: Father’s use of alcohol can contribute to brain and facial defects in offspring

Researchers publish findings in the Journal of Clinical Investigation
Mental Health

Does ‘brown noise’ relieve symptoms of ADHD? Neuroscientists examine claims popularized on social media

Sufferers can find relief with stimulant medication and cognitive behavior therapy, A&M professor says