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Chemical Engineering

Utilizing ‘molecular jackhammers’ to advance cancer treatment 

First-of-its-kind technique could offer a much safer and more effective alternative to current cancer treatments
Public Health

AI-based fall detection system may transform care for people with dementia

Project is supported by a $1.3 million National Institute on Aging grant from an industry partner developing the cutting-edge system
Biomedical Engineering

Nanoengineered hydrogels used to develop 3D-printed electronic skin  

Researchers develop a wearable ‘E-skin’ by 3D-printing with electronic and biosensing hydrogels

Understanding the ‘hunger hormone’ may lead to novel obesity treatment

New study provides insights on role of ‘hunger hormone’ receptor in obesity-related chronic inflammation
Materials Science and Engineering

Ant behavior inspires autonomous material assembly research

Researchers utilized shape-changing polymer ribbons that can self-assemble, change their volume, and dissemble as needed
Biomedical Sciences

Research suggests fathers abstain from alcohol use prior to conceiving children

Paternal drinking habits prior to conception can have a negative effect on fetal development

Texas A&M Institute part of national effort to harness nuclear laser fusion for limitless energy

U.S. Department of Energy provides support for multi-million-dollar program
Public Health

Smaller health-care practices are more likely to adopt opioid policies than large ones, study finds

Texas A&M researchers publish findings in journal Evaluation & The Health Professions

Satellite data allow oceanographers to better understand surface-water movement

NASA-funded project offers insights about sea currents and heat distribution