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Buried at sea: More accurate method to measure carbon in ocean sediment may improve forecasting of climate change

A global research team led by an A&M oceanographer publishes its findings in the journal Nature.
Engineering Medicine

What if whole-body scanners could identify threats like early stage cancer and vascular disease long before they become serious health problems?

EnMed dean persuades medical-tech company to produce a new generation of MRI scanners
Evolutionary Biology

Genetics of insomnia: Scientists use variant-to-gene mapping to prove gene Pig-Q is associated with sleep regulation

Texas A&M biologist collaborates with colleagues from University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Pioneering research seeks a connection between leakiness in the gut and cognitive impairment in stroke patients

A&M team publishes findings in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity

Fingerprinting the high seas: A&M-led expedition is studying how trace metals support life in the southwestern Pacific

NSF’s GEOTRACES program provides funding for international effort
Public Health

Preventing HIV: How do urban doctors differ from rural doctors in offering prophylaxis pills to young adults?

A&M research publishes study results in The Journal of Rural Health

Heavy duty: $2.5 million effort will expand knowledge of nuclear matter’s basic ingredients, properties and processes

A&M-led project will bring together leading U.S. nuclear theorists to develop a framework

Mystery solved: New coatings can make electric power more efficient while lowering emissions and cutting costs

A&M team documents its results in two peer-reviewed journals
Biomedical Sciences

Tracking the links between genomics, nutrition and health may improve diagnostics and therapy for cancer and other diseases

NIH provides funding for multidisciplinary effort based in data science