NEW VIDEO: Biosensor may replace needle prick for people with diabetes

Video: Academic Affairs Communications/Research Communications and Public Relations

Biomedical engineers at Texas A&M University are creating a tiny biosensor with a self-cleaning membrane for doctors to plant under the skin of people with diabetes. In this newly released video, researchers explain how this sensor could revolutionize the management of diabetes for millions of people worldwide.

When inserted along the inner forearm, the biosensor would send data about the levels of glucose in a patient’s bloodstream to a device that the researchers envision as being like a wristwatch.

A team led by Melissa Grunlan, associate professor of biomedical engineering in the Dwight Look College of Engineering, is working on a self-cleaning membrane to enhance the biosensor’s performance.

The three-minute video features interviews with Grunlan; co-investigator Gerard Coté, professor of biomedical engineering; and doctoral student Andrea Locke. The video is a production of the Division of Research through Academic Affairs Communications/Research Communications and Public Relations.