Human Behavior Laboratory exhibits advanced technology at open house

technician puts eye-tracking technology on subject

Photos by Butch Ireland

Texas A&M University formally launched the Human Behavior Laboratory, which its founders say is the largest and fastest behavioral biometrics lab in the world, with an open house on Nov. 16.

The new core facility will use advanced technology to collect data on human responses to support research in a wide range of disciplines, including economics, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership, computer science, nutrition, conflict resolution, group dynamics, education, financial planning, sociology, and political science.

During the open house, researchers and technicians gave demonstrations of the lab’s technology, which includes eye tracking, facial-expression analysis, galvanic skin response, and neural-signal scanning.

Earlier in the day, the lab hosted a lecture on neuro-economics by Colin Camerer, Robert Kirby Professor of Behavioral Finance and Economics, California Institute of Technology.

Marco A. Palma, professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, serves as the lab’s director.

Affiliated faculty include scholars from the colleges of liberal arts, engineering, agriculture and life sciences, and education and human development, as well as the School of Public Heath, the Mays Business School, and the Bush School of Government and Public Service.

The Human Behavior Laboratory received a substantial grant from the Research Development Fund, which is administered by the Division of Research.

technician prepares tracking technology for subject
test subject wears tracking technology while looking at store shelvessideview of woman wearing eye-tracking technology
Test subject watches screen while monitored by human-behavior techonology