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War of the roses: How to save an industry with plants that resist two common-but-devastating diseases

Rose rosette disease hampers U.S. production; black spot disease damages field-grown roses globally

Awards presented at Texas A&M postdoctoral research symposium

Sixth annual event marks National Postdoc Appreciation Week
Soil and Crop Sciences

Rust never sleeps: New approach can predict outbreaks of corn disease

AgriLife team publishes findings in Scientific Reports

Online system helps veterinarians track outbreaks and symptoms

USDA provides funding to develop and launch website and app

Faster food: Medical breakthrough could improve global beef production

USDA-NIFA provides federal funding for four-year project

Calorie counts: For some consumers, labels serve as invitations to indulge

Putting calorie counts on display for consumers can have unintended consequences, new study discovers

AgriLife achieves stable transformation in industrial hemp

Farmers can look forward to a future in which their industrial hemp crops have optimal phenotypic and trait characteristics

Weed them and reap: Taking aim at cotton’s herbicide-resistant nemesis

Field study looks at a multi-tactic approach to control Palmer amaranth

Swarms of robots could produce better, cheaper food—and more of it

USDA’s robotics program provides funding for multidisciplinary project