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Cell Biology and Genetics

Brain tumors in humans and canines share genetic similarities, new study indicates 

Interdisciplinary team publishes its findings in the scientific journal Acta Neuropathologica.
Biomedical Sciences

Research suggests fathers abstain from alcohol use prior to conceiving children

Paternal drinking habits prior to conception can have a negative effect on fetal development

100 million years of mammals: Genomic study of 241 species provides ‘definitive’ revision of evolutionary timeline

Texas A&M team publishes federally funded research in the journal Science

Professor’s biotech firm focuses on treating drug-resistant infections

Innovation Partners assists Sano Chemicals with patent protection and licensing

AAAS selects seven Texas A&M faculty members as 2021 fellows

The American Association for the Advancement of Science will honor 564 new fellows during its annual meeting in February 2022

C. difficile: Treatments should focus on starving superbug, new study says

‘Secondary bile acids are a red herring for protection,’ A&M biologist says

Wild vs. tame: Study examines how domestication changes brain function

New international study finds hundreds of differences in gene expression among newborn rabbits

Study looks at effects of groundwater on agriculture in Texas drylands

Researchers seek better understanding of links between water supplies, soil health and crop health

Can improving land management save rare West Texas lizards?

Dunes sagebrush lizards tend to live in small areas often disturbed by mining and development