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How many pathologists do you need to correctly diagnose cancer?

Four-university team publishes new method in the journal Statistics in Medicine

Biostatistics for beginners: Method employs computational thinking

New approach is designed for students without a strong undergraduate mathematics background
Biomedical Sciences

Transdisciplinary modeling: Using data to combat disease outbreaks

Process helps emergency managers cope with chaos and uncertainty

Anti-stigma interventions may reduce school bullying, new research says

Study identifies interventions that are effective for controlling harassment

How many participants do you need to conduct historical control trials?

A&M professor develops new method for determining the correct number

Champions against COVID-19

Texas A&M launches an emergency management group to develop countermeasures to defend Texas from the pandemic

Texas A&M will lead network to support cyber expertise

NSF-funded SWEETER will encourage multidisciplinary research collaborations in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona