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Civil engineering

Conservation Research

In new study, satellites measure evaporation in 164 large reservoirs around globe

Team from Texas A&M and NASA publishes findings in Nature journal Scientific Data.
Homeland Security

Disaster detectives: Engineers collect storm-damage data before crews start clearing away path of destruction

NSF-funded project investigates Hurricane Ian’s effects along Florida’s coastline
Civil engineering

Shorter driving time, but greater risk? A&M engineers test navigation tools

New study examines factors such as design, lighting, traffic patterns, weather conditions and crash data
Civil engineering

Does roadway design encourage drivers to use their phones?

Wide medians, multiple lanes, traffic flow and other factors may trigger distracted driving, A&M study suggests

Building on Mars: New method creates materials from available soils

Texas A&M chemist leads collaborative NASA-funded project for extraterrestrial construction
Civil engineering

‘No veteran ever dies’: Digital map will preserve and share legacies

Interdisciplinary team will develop GIS-based applications to memorialize veterans at three national cemeteries
Civil engineering

Why does concrete infrastructure fail during earthquakes and hurricanes?

Data could contribute to development of new designs to protect people and property from natural disasters
Civil engineering

Automated driving on rural roads: Federal grant supports A&M study

Researchers will develop and test systems without high-definition maps or quality road signs
Civil engineering

New suite of oil-spill models can track behavior of fluids in 3D

Models may assist in making forecasts for future oil spills