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Crop Sciences


Revolutionizing produce protection

Modified food grade wax used to enhance protective layer on produce

Crop scientists are first to grow chickpeas in simulated ‘moondust’

Texas A&M graduate student grows chickpeas in amended moondust

What causes locusts to destroy crops? USDA-approved facility studies the insects’ Jekyll-to-Hyde transformation

Most recent outbreak caused $1.3 billion in damage across 23 countries from Ethiopia to Nepal
Soil and Crop Sciences

Rust never sleeps: New approach can predict outbreaks of corn disease

AgriLife team publishes findings in Scientific Reports

Next strategy in crop production: Enlist microbes to ward off diseases

USDA-funded study sheds light on a mysterious aspect of plant immunity

Better whiskey through science: Can selection of corn enhance taste?

A&M crop scientist conducts taste tests with three Texas whiskeys