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Fighting deepfakes with smartwatches

Researchers take a step closer in creating software that could stop voice control mischief in manufacturing settings.
Data Science

Making AI safer: Texas joins AI consortium

Commerce Department enlists 200-plus partners to mitigate risks, protect public and encourage innovation in artificial intelligence
Computer Engineering

Deluge of messages from new protocol REVEAL can disrupt man-in-the-middle attacks

System can detect MiM in 4G and 5G networks, Texas A&M engineers say
Computer Science

Zero-knowledge proof: Creating trust between users on digital platforms

National Science Foundation supports project with CAREER Award
Computer Science

Camp Smart: A big picture approach to data science

First-of-its-kind program at Texas A&M introduces middle and high school students to data science and cybertechnologies

ConocoPhillips gives $1 million to support development of data science certificate program for Texas A&M undergraduates

Funding also establishes faculty fellowships, graduate student assistantships and undergraduate scholarships

TEES team is developing next phase of cyber security for US energy

Project is one of 11 to receive grant from US Department of Energy

New technique protects privacy from snoopers who hack smart devices

Researchers at Texas A&M and Adobe Research combine machine learning with cybersecurity to solve problem