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Ecology and Conservation Biology

Ecology and Conservation Biology

The Lice Age: How did these tiny bloodsucking pests evolve to afflict mammal hosts, including humans?

NSF-funded project could reduce infestations, A&M researchers say
Animal Science

Feeding fish: Scientists improve nutritional strategies for farmed bass

USDA provides $1.15 million in federal funding to support research
Ecology and Conservation Biology

Ecology in flux: How do carbon and water travel through environments?

New database will improve our ability to evaluate cycles within ecosystems
Ecology and Conservation Biology

Early warning: Small fish may indicate water shortages and contaminants

Shiners and minnows can provide crucial information to policymakers
Data Science

Wildfire risk: Using statistical models to identify cost-effective strategies

Federally funded, interdisciplinary research project puts emphasis on vegetation removal or fuel treatment
Ecology and Conservation Biology

Areas of U.S. lack equitable access to informal STEM learning, study says

Researchers identify needs in micropolitan and high-poverty counties as well as Indigenous populations