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Homeland Security

Natural defenses: Ecosystems can inspire ideas for protecting power grids from disaster or attack

Interdisciplinary team publishes findings in the journal IEEE Transactions on Power Systems

Balancing act: Ongoing research aims to protect both bats and people

Survey identifies abandoned structures that provide seasonal habitats
Ecology and Conservation Biology

Ecology in flux: How do carbon and water travel through environments?

New database will improve our ability to evaluate cycles within ecosystems
Ecology and Conservation Biology

Early warning: Small fish may indicate water shortages and contaminants

Shiners and minnows can provide crucial information to policymakers

Floods carried pollution 100 miles off Texas coast, oceanographers say

Team finds bacteria from human wastewater in sponges at the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary

Can improving land management save rare West Texas lizards?

Dunes sagebrush lizards tend to live in small areas often disturbed by mining and development

Rising temperatures in Great Plains and Alaska may threaten big game

A&M doctoral students examine effects on bison and moose

Old-growth grasslands should be valued, study says

Ecologists have lumped all grassy places together, without always recognizing the distinct values of old-growth grasslands

How quickly can Earth’s atmosphere overcome spikes in carbon dioxide?

A&M oceanographers study CO2 variations from 15 million years ago based on leaf fossils in northwest Idaho.