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Texas A&M Institute part of national effort to harness nuclear laser fusion for limitless energy

U.S. Department of Energy provides support for multi-million-dollar program

Making communities energy resilient

This project will develop an innovative community-based energy resilience plan
Mechanical Engineering

Storing thermal energy: Breakthrough should simplify design process for optimizing systems

Texas A&M engineers published findings in the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

The power of crypto: How does mining for currency affect the US power grid and the nation’s energy consumption?

In a new study, Texas A&M engineers identify flexibilities during hours of peak energy usage

1,000% difference: Water-based batteries may offer significantly more storage capacity, new Texas A&M study says

Project receives funding from the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Science
Chemical Engineering

MixAlco: Month-long process can transform biomass into acids to make gasoline, jet fuel or industrial products

New method can work with wastepaper, sewage, manure, food scraps and more

Mystery solved: New coatings can make electric power more efficient while lowering emissions and cutting costs

A&M team documents its results in two peer-reviewed journals
Mechanical Engineering

Drying wood: 3-step system could reduce energy use while lowering both operations costs and carbon pollution

Lessons could apply to food, textiles and other manufacturing, A&M engineering team says
Homeland Security

Natural defenses: Ecosystems can inspire ideas for protecting power grids from disaster or attack

Interdisciplinary team publishes findings in the journal IEEE Transactions on Power Systems