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Materials Science and Engineering

Ant behavior inspires autonomous material assembly research

Researchers utilized shape-changing polymer ribbons that can self-assemble, change their volume, and dissemble as needed

3D printing is revolutionizing tailored medications 

Research with 3D printing customizes medications for pediatric patients

NIH awards five-year grant for multidisciplinary A&M team to bring 3D printing of pediatric drugs to hospitals

Researchers include faculty from pharmacy, engineering, arts and sciences, and veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences

Awards presented at Texas A&M postdoctoral research symposium

Sixth annual event marks National Postdoc Appreciation Week

Hagler Institute announces its largest class of new fellows: 14

Class of 2022-23 includes a Nobel Prize recipient and multiple National Academies-level scholars, plus a distinguished lecturer

Replacing wheels with legs may help rovers to navigate ice, sand and other surfaces more easily on Mars and other planets

NASA invests $3 million in three-year A&M-USC project
Chemical Engineering

Breathless: Detecting levels of fatigue with artificial intelligence

Texas A&M and Arizona State work together on DARPA’s $4.8 million biometrics project

Mental fatigue: New model could improve measurement of its impact

Team publishes its findings in Psychological Review

Speaking of safety: How to overcome language barriers during training

Translations into native languages provide effective and affordable solution, A&M study says