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Bat swarming behavior may be the key to solving the next pandemic

Texas A&M team publish their findings in the journal Cell Genomics

100 million years of mammals: Genomic study of 241 species provides ‘definitive’ revision of evolutionary timeline

Texas A&M team publishes federally funded research in the journal Science
Biomedical Sciences

Tracking the links between genomics, nutrition and health may improve diagnostics and therapy for cancer and other diseases

NIH provides funding for multidisciplinary effort based in data science

Study: All bison in North America may share ancestry with domestic cattle

Team compares genome sequences among the major historical lineages of bison to 1,842 domestic cattle

AgriLife achieves stable transformation in industrial hemp

Farmers can look forward to a future in which their industrial hemp crops have optimal phenotypic and trait characteristics

Sustainable fishing: Genetic markers could improve accuracy of quotas

A&M researchers document 53 herring populations from the Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea

Chronic wasting disease: New tool could lead to more-resistant herds

Program could support farmed and free-ranging deer populations

Plant study sheds light on first steps of immune defense against microbes

The work creates new ideas for treating allergies and immune deficiencies.
Avian Genetics

Genetic survey could determine status of endangered songbird

Golden-cheeked warblers breed and nest exclusively in Texas