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Health Behavior

Senior Americans are hesitant to get RSV vaccination, new study suggests  

Texas A&M Researcher publishes findings in Health Affair Scholar
Health Behavior

Most U.S. adults support school-based reproductive health care, survey says

Researchers analyze levels of support for seven services
Chemical Engineering

Utilizing ‘molecular jackhammers’ to advance cancer treatment 

First-of-its-kind technique could offer a much safer and more effective alternative to current cancer treatments
Biomedical Engineering

Nanoengineered hydrogels used to develop 3D-printed electronic skin  

Researchers develop a wearable ‘E-skin’ by 3D-printing with electronic and biosensing hydrogels

Understanding the ‘hunger hormone’ may lead to novel obesity treatment

New study provides insights on role of ‘hunger hormone’ receptor in obesity-related chronic inflammation
Biomedical Sciences

Impact of arsenic exposure on vaccine efficacy in children

Valuable insights that could pave the way for further research to establish recommended folate intake or serum folate ranges

Study finds most Americans strongly support vaccination requirements for K-12 students

Vaccine mandates for school-age individuals are especially effective, because this age group has fewer preventive visits

Inflammatory reactions and the autoimmune connection

Inflammatory disorders are characterized by an imbalance of immune cells and increased production of pro-inflammatory cytokines

E-cigarette use and its adverse health effects

Survey of youth to determine whether there is an association between e-cigarette use and asthma.