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Arts & Humanities

Six animated shorts present work from Texas A&M Arts & Humanities Fellows

Each project is the result of a three-year grant that recognizes creativity and scholarship

Why is Germany better than other nations at managing pandemic?

Answer lies in crisis preparedness and an orientation toward following rules, A&M scholar says

Texas A&M joins research-driven effort to stem climate change

International Universities Climate Alliance brings together more than 40 leading universities to seek answers and communicate insights

Arts & Humanities Fellowships presented to six Texas A&M University faculty members

Each fellowship includes a three-year grant of $15,000 to support a scholarly or creative project.

New challenge for agriculture: trim world’s food waste by 5% in 10 years

Feeding the world will take more than improving crops and practices, A&M researchers say

Saving coral reefs in Red Sea: Team studies effects of population growth

Researchers from Texas A&M are collaborating with faculty at Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Reaction to kidnapping of 300 girls may have caught militants off-guard

Boko Haram were ‘startled that anyone outside Nigeria cared about these girls,’ says a noted authority on gender issues and foreign policy