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Principals can play significant roles in reducing chronic school absenteeism

School leadership also strongly influences turnover and absenteeism among teachers, research indicates

10 faculty members from Texas A&M included on highly cited list

Clarivate Analytics releases its fifth-annual database of international researchers who have received large citation counts over a decade

New global rule may reveal revenues multinationals protect from taxation

Professor Lorraine Eden at the Mays Business School explains how Country-by-Country Reporting could revolutionize the world’s tax system

Greed is good? Not for shareholders, says a new study of CEO behavior

Companies with ‘greedy’ CEOs tend to produce lower shareholder value, research at Texas A&M suggests

What is in your food? The threat of global supply chains to human health

Companies should be more transparent, and consumers more informed, says TIAS Faculty Fellow Aleda V. Roth

What’s in your food? Imports bring quality into question, expert says

Almost a quarter of the average American’s food consumption is imported, TIAS Faculty Fellow says