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A&M engineers looking for ways to enhance titanium components through 3D printing

Collaborators will study effects of sintering on Fused Filament Fabrication

Tag, you’re it! New process detects counterfeit parts by replacing barcodes and QR codes with hidden identifiers

A&M material scientists and engineers publish their research in the journal Additive

Researchers manufacture parts in microgravity for NASA

Additive manufacturing is challenging on Earth and these challenges multiply when there is low gravity

New smart materials could open new research field

Many potential applications for shape-memory alloys involve extremely hot environments like a working jet engine

Study of vacant urban land inspires innovative distribution concept

Proposal suggests using empty lots to serve as distribution centers for growing just-in-time economy

4-D printing yields ‘smart’ structures that can change shape on demand

Process is the first to generate complex materials with multiple programmable shapes, research team says

How to save energy while producing a key component for most plastics

New method developed at Texas A&M separates propylene from propane with a more environmentally friendly process

Designer spuds: Breeding potatoes for a new generation of consumers

AgriLife Research scientists are working to halt decline in overall U.S. consumption of potatoes

What is in your food? The threat of global supply chains to human health

Companies should be more transparent, and consumers more informed, says TIAS Faculty Fellow Aleda V. Roth