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Marine Biology

Ecology and Conservation Biology

Seafloor’s secret engineers: How burrowing critters sustain healthy oceans

Texas A&M leads international study published in Current Biology

How do sea otters live in cold water? Surplus energy keeps them warm

Research team finds ‘leak respiration’ accounts for high metabolic rate
Fisheries Sciences

Save the shark: Can skilled anglers contribute to post-release survival?

A&M scientists examine practices aboard chartered fishing boats
Marine Biology

New and extinct species of snails found in 30-year-old A&M collection

Samples come from 1987 exploration of caves in South Pacific
Marine Biology

A&M researcher’s description of species makes WoRMS’ top-10 list

Green rat clingfish lives in shallow marine water along Australian coast
Marine Biology

Ear bones allow researchers to track movement of Pacific bluefin tuna

International team publishes results of four-year study
Marine Biology

Ocean noise: How do sea creatures respond to sounds people make?

New funding supports study of whale strikes in Santa Barbara Channel
Marine Biology

Immortal jellyfish: How does this species skip steps in its lifecycle?

T. dohrnii evades death by reverting directly from adult to polyp

New law creates opportunity for oyster aquaculture on Texas coast

Industry expects to start production around September 2020