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Human Development

For a song: Background music makes ads more effective, study says

Music improves attention, heightens emotions and improves persuasion

Schools are reaping big dividends from investments in online access

New study of 9,000 schools identifies gains in academic performance

Trademarking COVID-19? Study finds epidemic of federal applications

Volume of 2020 claims crushes numbers from past sensational events, law professor discovers

Three lessons for leaders from Trump’s tweets about COVID-19

Marketing scholar uses statistical and machine learning to analyze effects on the stock market

Sports teams could improve image with diversity advertising, study says

Researchers examine response to television commercials that target the LBGT market

Looking for comedy’s sweet spot: Study puts ‘tragedy plus time’ to test

Subjects evaluate Hurricane Sandy jokes before, during and after the storm devastated New York and New Jersey.

Can social media sell sportswear? Mays scholar will analyze impact

Study will correlate point-of-sale data with a concentrated social media campaign

Consumers often need ‘partners in crime’ before yielding to temptations

Understanding “parallel self-control” can help marketers better understand and connect to consumers, says researcher at Texas A&M