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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

New model identifies and measures brain waves in real time, could improve human-machine interactions

Researchers discover that everyone’s ‘brain wave is like a fingerprint’

Mystery solved: New coatings can make electric power more efficient while lowering emissions and cutting costs

A&M team documents its results in two peer-reviewed journals
Mechanical Engineering

Drying wood: 3-step system could reduce energy use while lowering both operations costs and carbon pollution

Lessons could apply to food, textiles and other manufacturing, A&M engineering team says
Homeland Security

Natural defenses: Ecosystems can inspire ideas for protecting power grids from disaster or attack

Interdisciplinary team publishes findings in the journal IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
Mechanical Engineering

Just by tapping their toes, Parkinson’s patients can help their doctors evaluate their risk of falling down

New test works with lightweight, easy-to-install, self-powered insole that fits any kind of shoe

Tiny lab-on-a-chip allows engineers to study complex fluids at nanoscale

Device replicates behavior of oil and other fluids in a shale reservoir
Mechanical Engineering

Fire-resistant coating could improve protection for homes and property

A&M engineers present results during American Chemical Society’s 2022 spring meeting
Biomedical Engineering

Four A&M professors named as NAI Senior Members

National Academy of Inventors will induct Grunlan, Höök, Polycarpou and Ware during its June annual meeting in Phoenix

Swarms of robots could produce better, cheaper food—and more of it

USDA’s robotics program provides funding for multidisciplinary project