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Mental Health

Urban Planning

More green spaces in cities may decrease demand for mental health services, new research suggests

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health publishes study results.
Health Policy and Management

More access to contraception improves mothers’ mental health, new study suggests

Texas A&M team publishes findings in Health Services Research
Mental Health

Does ‘brown noise’ relieve symptoms of ADHD? Neuroscientists examine claims popularized on social media

Sufferers can find relief with stimulant medication and cognitive behavior therapy, A&M professor says
Environmental and Occupational Health

Older white males: Suicide rates are rising in rural areas, study shows

Research identifies economic downturns as significant contributors
Health Policy and Management

School-based interventions can reduce stigma of mental illness

Research team publishes findings in journal Pediatrics

How do waste-to-energy incinerators affect neighboring communities?

Proximity can lower both physical and mental scores, A&M study finds
Mental Health

How can technology best serve adults who are living with dementia?

A&M study identifies challenges in access, design, development and ethics