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Molecular and Cellular Medicine


Peeking into the microcosmos: Team uses cryo-EM to study cells at near-atomic levels

High-resolution microscope creates an opportunity for molecular research on structural biology, disease and cancer.

The thin smart line: Study answers riddle of how neocortex develops

A&M researchers publish their findings in the journal Cell Reports
Animal Models

Gulf War Illness: Exercise may improve symptoms, study says

Symptoms include lower cognitive function, memory issues, chronic pain and fatigue
Animal Models

Answer to aging? Common drug for treating diabetes may offer hope

A&M researchers publish study results in journal Aging Cell
Animal Models

Gulf War Illness: Scientists study brain inflammation in veterans

With funding from the US Department of Defense, three-year study investigates causes through a liquid biopsy approach
Animal Models

Potential therapy for brain damage: low-cost, accessible, non-invasive

Study finds ‘EVs’ can also block proteins that cause brain inflammation

Delivering drugs to cancer cells without poisoning patient’s body

Interdisciplinary project receives funding from the National Institutes of Health and the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas

Breast cancer: Discovery may help stop cells from migrating inside body

The study of TRIM59 proteins could lead to treatments that end cancer mobility and metastasis before they begin, A&M research suggests
Biomedical Sciences

Targeting gene RASSF1A may ease inflammation during chemotherapy

Gene reduces cancer malignancy by helping cells to recycle defunct DNA, RNA, and other materials, study shows