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Ocean Engineering


Recovery of buoyancy glider from the depths of Gulf of Mexico provides insight into oceanic conditions

The National Hurricane Glider Initiative’s retrieval will help scientists understand hurricanes and other natural events.

Sea power: New tech could provide renewable energy to coastal areas

Two A&M projects focus on wave energy converters

Wind, sun, water: Offshore stations will convert each into electricity

Technology could support communities, research labs or military units
Ocean Engineering

Combating corrosion: Complex alloys can ward off damage from seawater

International team aims to design two distinct and enhanced metals: FeAlNiCu-Cr and FeAlNiCu-Ti

Wave energy: Analytical tools predict if ocean devices will remain afloat

New approach is fast, accurate and less expensive than current methods
Ocean Engineering

Hybrid coastal structures combine benefits of dunes, artificial barriers

Researchers aim to outline the physical properties that provide the best defense against storm surges

Falsified faces: Ocean engineers take on challenge of deepfake images

A&M researchers look for ways to discern real from fake
Ocean Engineering

Where the sky meets the sea: Exploring the sea-surface microlayer

A&M engineers study how this one-millimeter layer affects both atmosphere and ocean