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Social Science


Seven reasons why COVID-19 harms African Americans disproportionately

‘While this appears to be alarming, it is, in fact, not surprising,’ A&M professor says

Study: Size of smartphone screen affects understanding of video news

While mobile phones improve access to Internet, they also curb comprehension of new information

Increasing permits to conceal guns has zero effect on crime, data say

New study examines a decade of statistics from 500-plus counties in four states: Texas, Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania

Neighborhood’s design encourages exercise and social interaction

Study’s findings are based on 449 surveys of residents in Austin development

Kids who witness violence at home are at risk to continue cycle as adults

Research at Texas A&M Health Science Center will expand resources and better prepare professionals

Big government (done well) produces happier citizens, new study discovers

Researchers at Texas A&M, Baylor and Notre Dame studied 50,000 responses from 21 nations

Policies, economics and social norms contribute to antibiotic resistance

Researchers at Texas A&M study social psychology of how, when and why veterinarians administer antibiotic drugs

Consumers often need ‘partners in crime’ before yielding to temptations

Understanding “parallel self-control” can help marketers better understand and connect to consumers, says researcher at Texas A&M