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Urban Planning

Urban Planning

More green spaces in cities may decrease demand for mental health services, new research suggests

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health publishes study results.
Urban Planning

How will climate change influence flooding and pollution in America’s underserved communities? New study seeks answers

This knowledge will prove critical to leaders who must make crucial decisions about infrastructure

‘Digital twin’ could help Galveston recover faster from severe storms

Multidisciplinary study receives grant from the National Science Foundation.

Can smaller towns adopt technology that makes bigger cities ‘smart’?

Project ENDEAVR collaborates with residents of Nolanville in Central Texas to find answers

Best response to flooding? Initiative looks for solutions based in evidence

NSF-funded effort includes researchers from Texas A&M, Rice University, Jackson State University and TU Delft in the Netherlands

Arts & Humanities Fellows Program presents series of animated shorts

Fellows from Class of 2015 serve as narrators for new videos about research projects recognized for their creativity and scholarly value

Can changing how the media report accidents improve road safety?

New study suggests writing patterns can influence public perception
Urban Planning

Parks with irregular shapes reduce risk of mortality, new study finds

Complex green spaces offer more access points for community

Study: Poorly maintained sidewalks may hinder fitness among elderly

Team of scholars publishes findings in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health