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Veterinary Medicine


Hagler Institute announces its largest class of new fellows: 14

Class of 2022-23 includes a Nobel Prize recipient and multiple National Academies-level scholars, plus a distinguished lecturer
Homeland Security

18 U.S. labs join forces to battle infectious diseases

Workshop at Texas A&M gathers leading experts from research universities and federal agencies

One cattle disease causes half of all feedlot deaths; this new diagnostic tool could save beef industry millions

Funded by USDA, the study targets a common pathogen for bovine respiratory disease
Veterinary Medicine

Limb regeneration: A&M research challenges long-held beliefs

Two studies contradict idea that regeneration requires presence of nerves
Animal Science

Feeding fish: Scientists improve nutritional strategies for farmed bass

USDA provides $1.15 million in federal funding to support research

Study: All bison in North America may share ancestry with domestic cattle

Team compares genome sequences among the major historical lineages of bison to 1,842 domestic cattle

Online system helps veterinarians track outbreaks and symptoms

USDA provides funding to develop and launch website and app

Whitetails can catch COVID-19 virus and give it to other deer, study says

At one facility, diagnostic tests identified the virus in more than 90 percent of the captive deer

Yellow or pink? Why Darwin’s finches grow beaks in two colors as nestlings

Team from A&M, Uppsala and Princeton publish their findings in the journal Current Biology