Introducing the Reveille Russet: a wake-up call for the potato industry?

Scores of russet potatoes

Image: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Scientists at Texas A&M University may have produced the next first lady of the potato industry with the Reveille Russet. The new russet variety, experimental selection ATX91137-1Ru, had its roots in Idaho and was selected and developed by the Texas program, beginning in in 1993.

“Texas offers a variety of drastic weather conditions,” said Creighton Miller, professor of horticulture and genetics and founder of the Texas A&M Potato Breeding and Variety Program. “The Reveille Russet potato has shown the ability to withstand both drought and hail, which is very promising.”

The new potato hasn’t just been weather resistant. In recent research trials, Reveille Russet has outperformed the standard potato varieties in both yield and merit.

Reveille has been evaluated in more than a dozen states, and has shown wide adaptability. “Different locations will test different things, such as disease resistance, taste, appearance or yield,” Scheuring said. “And Reveille Russet has done very well.”

The Reveille Russet does have a very Aggie proud name, but a salute to Aggieland isn’t the only reason for the new russet’s label.

“The name is very fitting not just because it is of the name of our mascot,” Miller said. “We want this to be a bugle call to the industry that this potato variety is ready for the early fresh market.”

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